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Contracted Data Processor Compliance

P3 Audit ensures service providers who process your employee data are GDPR compliant and have the highest level of data security aligned with your own data security and data privacy policies. We also audit SLA’s between your service level agreement with a service provider and any one of a number of vendor subcontractors. Technology, functional processes, and regulatory changes will trigger a review to ensure your company is not at risk. Contact us to learn more.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Data Controllers can legally process data only after the organisation has assessed the impact of processing on the Data Subject, the security measures to protect such data and that the appropriate and up-to-date technical and organisational processes and procedures are all in place.

An organisation-wide Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) documents how, what data, what consents, what processing and what type of security, i.e. how you comply with the GDPR. The DPIA is a critical process for an organisation and it will have to share it with the Supervisory Authority if any investigation for failure to comply with the GDPR takes place. P3 Audit provides initial Data Protection Impact Assessments FREE OF CHARGE to qualifying clients. Contact us to find out more.

General Compliance Audits

Contact us to discuss the various managed services we offer that ensure ongoing compliance with the GDPR and other worldwide regulatory requirements.

Global HR & Payroll processor triggered event monitoring

The best way to avoid a breech of your data protection and data privacy policies is to monitor potential risks, often identified by changes in administrative personnel and service and system processes. P3 Audit monitor changes in people, processes and technology to provide spot audits to ensure risk is mitigated and potential breeches avoided. Contact us now to find out more.