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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Centrally document compliance with gdPR

Article 5: Principles relating to processing of personal data

Article 24: Responsibility of the controller

Centrally document compliance with GDPR

PIA and DPIA Automation

Article 25: Data protection by design and default

Article 35: DPIA

Article 36: Prior consultation

Review new business projects for privacy risks

Data Mapping automation

Article 30: Records of processing activities

Article 32: Security of Processing

Inventory the business context of your data glows

subject access requests portal

Article 12 – 21: Rights of the data subject

Portal to handle the full lifecycle of subject requests


Article 7: Conditions for consent

Maintain evidence of each individuals consent

vendor risk management

Article 24, 28 & 29: Responsibilities of processor & controller

Article 46: Transfer subject to appropriate safeguards

Properly vet and sub-processors for onward transfers

incident and breach management

Article 33: Notification to supervisory authority

Article 34: Notification to data subject

Collection and notification workflow for incidents

article 41

Monitoring and certification